If it's important to you, get it. I had no idea I wanted any of these things until we were at about the same point you are. I had no problem at all with him proposing without a ring (it was a perfect, spontaneous moment that a piece of jewelry couldn't possibly have made any better), but soon after I realized he… » 11/23/14 1:43am Today 1:43am

Hmm...I might be interested in that Panache. I've been wanting to get my hands on one of them for a while but can't find them in stores around me and hate ordering online. If you want, hit me up at ladyofthesparrows@gmail.com and we can talk. I may even have a trade to offer. I just spent way too much on two new bras… » 11/23/14 12:58am Today 12:58am

We have been drilling this into our daughter's head for the last year or so. She's an awesome kid with a good head, but that doesn't guarantee she'll never have to deal with cops. Give them our phone number, then shut your facehole. » 11/22/14 7:09pm Yesterday 7:09pm

How a person could force a child to exercise on a visible injury baffles me. I woke up one morning in fourth grade with the front of my left knee puffed up like a red marshmallow and in searing pain. My mom told me to sit out PE, but she was running late for work and forgot to write a note. Of course that was the day… » 11/22/14 5:43pm Yesterday 5:43pm

When I had to take traffic school, the instructor told us about some ass in a previous class. This guy had been ticketed for driving with three unrestrained children in his back seat. When the instructor told him there were places he could get cheap, or even free, carseats, he shouted back "I have three perfectly good… » 11/21/14 12:02pm Friday 12:02pm

I once heard glass breaking and a startled cry from the kitchen and ran in to investigate. When I got there I saw shattered glass and deep red liquid all over the floor. My immediate thought was "oh god someone got cut, oh shit that looks really bad, it's all over, we're going to the hospital for sure" until my mom… » 11/19/14 3:56pm Wednesday 3:56pm

My parents have a Gorgeous Mirror in their bathroom. It has to be a combination of lighting and the color of the room, but everyone always looks amazing in that mirror. The one in my bathroom at that house was the total opposite; you always look haggard and drawn. I never knew which one to believe! I know the truth… » 11/19/14 3:34pm Wednesday 3:34pm

For my birthday LittleSparrow made PB&J&PC sandwiches. That's peanut butter, jelly, and potato chips. Actually quite good. She also made me a PB&J&PC martini to go with it. Blueberry martini with peanut butter-smeared rim rolled in crushed potato chips. Both recipes from Hannah Hart's My Drunk Kitchen book, which she… » 11/18/14 11:20pm Tuesday 11:20pm